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24 hour bail bonds for the Van Nuys Jail
If someone you know has been accused of committing a crime and has been arrested in Van Nuys, it is important to have him/her bailed as soon as possible. Failure to post bail will mean that the arrested person is going to stay detained and possibly transferred to one of the Los Angeles County Jails. This could mean a huge disappointment for the detainee and the family as well as impact the pending case in many ways.

Nevertheless, even if bail money is available, you would still need to be concerned with the pending case, making the necessary appearances or signing responsibility for someone close to you who does. All court dates will be held at the Los Angeles Superior Court also known as the Van Nuys Courthouse (Dept. 100 for felonies, Dept. 101 for misdemeanors). The LAPD – Valley Jail and the Van Nuys Police Station happens to be the biggest police station of the LAPD Valley Bureau and it services not just Van Nuys, but other communities like North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Tarzana, Reseda, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park and many other districts in the San Fernando Valley. This means that this detention facility is almost always busy, where a normal booking process can take anywhere from four to eight hours. If a bail bondsman tells you that they can have your friend released in an hour, they are exaggerating, the classic “over-promising and under-delivering”.

Speaking of bail bonds, this is a kind of system that could be beneficial for you and for the detainee. The services offered by our bail bonds company is designed to assist people who have been arrested as well as their families.

This is a popular business and it is worth saying that you should be very aware of some illegal bail activities that involve bondsmen standing outside the station soliciting their services. Bail Bond Agents know that approaching potential clients is an illegal act called soliciting yet this stuff happens on a daily basis. The clients should be the ones to contact the bail bonds companies, and not the other way around. Also, be very wary if someone solicits you a bail bondsman, especially if it is the cop that arrested you.

In hiring a bondsman to help you out, it is important to know that they can furnish the necessary bond for you and also know the amount of money you will need to post bail. They can also get the booking information on your behalf. And if you need to know where a person is being detained, they can also work on that for you.

It is the bail bonds company’s job to process the whole bail from start to finish while all you have to do is to provide the needed information and ensure that once the detainee has been released, he/she will appear at Los Angeles Superior Court – Van Nuys – located at 6230 Sylmar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91401 – for their mandated court date.

If the released detainee decides to run away, the guarantor (you) will be obliged to pay the full bail amount. It will be wise therefore that before you sign into anything that you are absolutely sure that the other person is not going to flee or that you will have enough money stashed somewhere in the event they do.

If you have questions regarding your obligations and other pertinent aspects or if you want to know more about bail bonds, you could contact our Local Van Nuys Bail Bonds office at this phone number: 818-574-4050.

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